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No radio station is complete without a sporting team.

As luck would have it, Hills Radio 88.9FM is well on its way, with The Huddle joining the ranks and filling the sporting void.

The Huddle, well-known sports writing team from The Courier, is made up of Jeff Pistola (Pistols) and Ben Goldfinch (Goldy). Pistols, who has also worked on local radio, has been with the newspaper for over twenty years and Goldy joined in 2008.

Both are Hills boys, with sporting histories that go back to their primary school days. And, both love connecting with the local community. The Huddle, a great example of this, was formed in 2012 when the two created a weekly on-line podcast interviewing high-profile guests from the Adelaide Hills.

Their passion for local sport and its coverage has served them well: both are multi-award winning sports writers.

Pistols and Goldy are looking forward to their new venture. They see Hills Radio as presenting a great opportunity to further connect with the community and to showcase the many talented sports people that abound in the Hills.

Look out for some great interviews, lots of sports news and fun times with Pistols and Goldy in The Huddle.