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Hills Radio is a community based radio station located in Mount Barker broadcasting to all of the Adelaide Hills.

Hills Radio "The Voice of the Adelaide Hills".

Currently, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) is reviewing the licensing in the Murray Bridge, Mount Barker and Victor Harbor areas. As a result of this review, a permanent community license will soon become available for the Mount Barker area and will be allocated on a merit based selection process. The community consultation process has now concluded and we thank all those who showed their support for Hills Radio.

Vision Statement: Hills Radio will strive to be outstanding, uplifting and a community radio station for all in the Adelaide Hills and Mt Barker regions.

Mission Statement: Hills Radio, through the process of ongoing evaluation, will foster an environment of harmony, be active and vocal in the community and create a voice that is authentic, unique and accessible to all.
Phone 08 8391 3885